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      Become a Nationally Certified HIPAA Compliance Officer through AMBA

      CBCO Information for HIPAA Compliance Certification

      Purpose of the CBCO Exam

      The purpose of this certification is to promote ethical and professional medical billing through certification of qualified individuals. This voluntary credential formally recognizes a medical billerís competency and proficiency, encourages continued professional and personal best development, and provides a national standard assessment based on industry knowledge.

      Exam Overview

      Created in 2022, The CBCO designation is awarded by the Certifying Board of the American Medical Billing Association (CBAMBA). Currently, no state or Federal requirements exist stating a compliance officer must be certified to oversee HIPAA compliance. However, most providers are requiring their employees (both onsite and off) to be certified. Your certification demonstrates to physicians and employers that you are proactive in advancing your education and skills.

      How the Exam Works

      The CBCO Exam is taken online through our secure Learning Management System. We are not concerned with a student retaining every detail in their memory. A compliance officer must be able to utilize all of their resources to find solutions, and we expect the same utilization during the testing process. For example, a biller must know how to search the OIGís exclusion list to answer why a person/company is excluded from Medicare and Medicaid programs. Also, a biller should be able to research the CMS, OIG, and HHS website for regulations and guidance. Our exam covers these topics, and a multitude of others, that a HIPAA official will have to face on the job.

      You'll have 10 days of access to complete the exam and it is "open-book."

        Certified Billing Compliance Officer Exam Information

        Each question can be reviewed before submission. Once you have completed the exam, your final score is available immediately. CBCO Certificates are mailed upon completion and arrive in about 3 to 4 weeks. They are valid for one year from the date you complete the exam. A new certificate is sent each year to the credential holder after the recertification process is complete.

        Upon completion of the exam, you will be notified immediately if you received a passing or failing score.

          1. You must score an 85% or higher overall to receive a passing score on the exam.
          2. If you receive a passing score, you will be emailed a congratulatory notice pertaining to your CBCO credentials and obligations. A numbered certification certificate will be mailed to you within a couple of weeks. See CEU section below.
          3. If you receive a failing score, you will be eligible for up to 2 free exam re-takes.
          4. There will be a 30 day waiting period after each failing score before exam re-take access will be granted. (You should use this time to study!)

        • In order to take the exam, you must be a member of AMBA.
        • ou are required to have a high school diploma or the equivalent in order to sit for this exam.

        The CBCO Study Guide is optionally available through the AMBA in .pdf format that will assist you in taking the exam. The study guide is $199 and is available through our online store. This is an automatic download. The Study Guide follows the exam layout listed above and covers about 85% of the questions on the exam. This guide can be searched easily to assist you while you are taking our exam.

        Schools and teaching facilities that would like to make our exam available to their students can be set to easily administer the exam from our secure management system. Special discounted package rates are available that include the exam, study guide and a year membership to AMBA. Contact Katie Taylor [email protected] 580-369-2700 for more information.

        In order to take the exam, you must be a member of AMBA. You will be required to maintain an annual membership to AMBA. The cost of membership is $99, annually. You will also be required to obtain 10 continuing education units (CEUs) each year. Fifty percent of your annual CEUs should come through the association. You can earn all 10 for FREE by completing AMBA Webinars.

        If you need directions on how to complete FREE CEUs

        If you have a product you would like to submit to AMBA for prior CEU approval consideration or know of one please let us know.

        To apply for the CBCO Exam, purchase the exam and membership online at www.ambastore.net

        We are a member of IACET. IACET is dedicated to quality in continuing education and training. Members of the organization are educational professionals and organizations that strive to provide the highest quality in continuing education and training.

        Member of the American Education Research Association

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