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ERISA What You Don’t Know Is Probably Costing You Money!

Description: Pre-Recorded Webinar (Video Download)


Title: ERISA: What You Donít Know Is Probably Costing You Money!

Speaker: Don Self

CEU: This webinar is approved for 1 CMRS CEU.


Learn how ERISA, the Employee Retirement Income Security Act, could become your best defense!


You will learn how important ERISA can be to STOP carriers from recouping previously paid claims, delayed denials and how to use ERISA to make carriers pay even when they donít want to. Youíll learn how to use ERISA to keep carriers honest, by making them follow their own plan documents, which is something most billers donít know about or follow through on.


Doctors and other healthcare providers send money back to carriers regularly because carriers demand it even though they may not be entitled to it. And if you donít fight it, they often recoup the money they claim is overpaid from future claims. Learn how to effectively dispute these overpayment demands, learn to identify ERISA plans and learn the correct basic ERISA Appeals Process that will unravel the confusion surrounding ERISA.


Don Self has been a reimbursement consultant for more than 24 years. He has helped thousands of physicians and billers through his seminars, webinars, book, website and monthly newsletters.


This webinar is pre-approved for CMRS 1 CEU.