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The American Medical Billing Association (AMBA) grants prior approval for continuing education programs based on the relevance of the content to medical billing, coding and reimbursement.

Participation in education of billing, reimbursement, and coding seminars, workshops, webinars, courses, exams, and publications are approved methods of obtaining continuing education units.

The purpose of granting prior approval is:
1. Vendor may receive advance prior approval.
2. More CEUs awarded than non-prior approved.
3. Products/Services will be included on the AMBA website and marketed to CMRS billers and CMCS coders.

The application must be completed and submitted in addition to paying the fees. View the application here:
To complete the application, save the pdf to your computer. Re-open file from saved location, enter in your information, re-save, and email it to Katie Taylor.
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Vendor CEU Pre-Approval Extra Fees Vendor CEU Pre-Approval Fees
Instructions for Applying

1. Complete prior approval application and submit via email or fax (580) 369-2703.
2. Submit a copy of your publication, program, or course agenda including a brief summary of what is being covered, as well as, time allotted for class time, breaks, and lunch
3. Fees are determined by the number of CEUs being requested for approval
4. Non-profit organizations will only be charges half of the cost for CEU pre-approvals. You must include proof of your 501©(3) status with the pre-approval form to qualify for non-profit rates.

Questions about this process should be addressed to Katie Taylor.