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2009 Conference SynchVue DVD ROM 2009 Conference SynchVue DVD ROM

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    Experience the Sessions in Dynamic Movie format!

Only $149 (pre-approved for 6 CEU's)
View presentation slides synchronized with speaker audio of all sessions
The information will be presented to you as if you were in front of the speaker during the conference - Live audio provided with the projected image on your computer screen
 Note: PC/MAC DVD-ROM Drive Required; WILL NOT play in Home DVD Player 
For Medical Billers • Consultants • Doctor's Office Staff • Medical Coders • Office Managers • Reimbursement Specialists •Educational Trainers • Compliance Officers • Billing Office Staff • New Medical Billers • Billing Service Owners
List of Sessions included on DVD      
  1. Effective Presentations - What Do You Say and How Do You Say It?
  2. Upcoming Coding Changes – How to be ready
  3. Skilled Instruction Regarding EMS Numbers 
  4. How to Get Paid When Insurance Misrepresents Benefit Coverage
  5. The Daily Basics of Medical Billing
  6. Using RVUs to "Wow" Your Clients
  7. Anatomy of a Fraud Indictment
  8. Hospice & Nursing Homes and Lost Revenue from Care Plan Oversight billing
  9. Revenue Cycle Management Revolution, Who's Controlling Your Dollars
  10. Taking Advantage of the Potential 4% Incentive Bonus Payments for PQRI/ePrescribe
  11. RACs, PSC
  12. Why Your Office Should Be Conducting Random Audits
  13. New HIPAA Requirements for Business Associates - Information You Cannot Afford to Ignore
  14. Guest Panel Discussion

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Attendees from our Conference had this to say

WAS FANTASTIC! One of the attendees pointed out that "you sure get your money's worth"  The conference was jam packed with great topics and training as well as opportunities to visit with a variety of vendors whom we normally do not have time to talk to during our hectic workdays. Lastly, the networking opportunities are phenomenal. I know I picked a few brains and came back full of ideas and renewed business energy. MANY THANKS TO CYNDEE & LARRY!  Cheri Freeman, CMRS

“Thank You” for a GREAT conference!!!  It seems like every year the conference is better than the year before – Many Thanks to Cyndee, Larry and Krystal for their continued commitment to all of us! What a team!!!  The learning and networking that goes on during these conferences is by far the best I’ve ever found, and I’m forever grateful that I found AMBA.  Thanks so very much!  Ann Marie Brunk, CPC, CMRS

I totally agree the Conference was great this year. The networking experiences are awesome, you get to match emails to faces and then talk about billing issues.
Lisa Bugsalewicz (Paoli), CMRS

The 2009 AMBA conference rocked!  Barbara J. Cobuzzi, MBA, CPC

I just wanted to drop a note to thank you guys so much for the AMBA conference this year in Las Vegas.  I cannot begin to tell you how much I learned and how many valuable contacts for me.    I'm really looking forward to next year!

 John Lazo


I want to thank Cyndee, Larry and Krystal for all of their hard work
in making this year's conference such a success. The speakers were great
and the subject matter was timely. I enjoyed meeting everyone and look
forward to seeing everybody again next year!   Sheila

I just wanted to also say how much I appreciate the conference and opportunity to learn, share and network. I can't imagine the amount of effort it takes to put on such an event.  Mori West


Thank you Cyndee, Larry & Krystal...what a great conference!! Each time I have attended I learn more and more...will definitely make it a priority to attend future conferences. Thanks also to the advisory board...you all give a lot of your time to make sure the conference is a success.  Martina Lang

FANTATIC conference. I'm already making plans
to attend next year. It was so great to finally meet those of you in person
that I have only communicated with via email and phone. Thank you Cyndee
and Larry for once again make this an awesome time for all of us!  Rey Stafford

This was my first conference and I had the most wonderful time and experience.
The training sessions and speakers were fantastic, and mixed with being able to network with everyone made it all the better. I can honestly say that I have come back with more inspiration and ideas of how to make myself and my business better. Everyone there was so friendly and just as eager to absorb the information we all have to gain from each other. The wealth of information that was available at the conference was outstanding. Thank you so much Cyndee and Larry, for everything you do on a daily basis and for making this association what it is!!!   Karla Webster, CMRS

WOW!!  I just got back from the conference. It was really GREAT!!!! I really learned a lot and there is so much new technology out there! It's mind boggling (in my opinion).    Andi 




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