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HIPAA Privacy Tool Kit
HIPAA Privacy Tool Kit
Our Price: $79.00
This Tool Kit contains 90 HIPAA Privacy Forms to document HIPAA Compliance for a billing service OR a provider's office. Many consultants charge thousands of dollars for these same forms. Available in download only
We have tried to categorize the forms in this Tool Kit to assist you in setting up a policy and procedure manual. Although you may not feel that some of these forms and procedures will not apply to you as a biller, it is important that you understand what a policy and procedure manual consists of. Yes, some of the forms may not be applicable to your billing business, but they certainly might be helpful to you as a consultant for a provider to assist in meeting HIPAA requirements for a practice. These forms should not be considered to be all that will be needed to comply but they give you a great start and put things into perspective. You should consider including your OIG (Office of Inspector General) Guideline Policies and other office policies youíve address within your Policy and Procedure (P&P) manual. Regarding the list of files, we have added policy development guidelines and actual policies that can be adapted for any practice or billing service. Some of these forms or guidance policies may seem repetitive, so keep in mind that there may be a guideline, a policy and a form for one particular subject.

List of Files


Access to Privacy Official

HIPAA Legal Requirements Matrix

Mitigating Breaches

More Stringent

Periodic Review of Policies

Policy - Implementation Guide_Mitigation

Policy - Mitigating Breaches

Policy - Sanctions for Breaches

Privacy Officer

Retaliatory Acts

Security Officer


Fax Cover Letter

Misdirected Fax Letter

Faxing PHI

Policy - Implementation Guide


Code of Ethics

HIPAA Glossary

Limited English Proficiency Persons

Policy and Procedure Table of Contents Sample

Policies and Procedures Manual Information

Privacy Policies

Business Associates Tool

Business Associate Contract Sample

Enforcement and Penalties

Identifiable Privacy Information

Notice of Privacy Practices

NPP Acknowledgement

Policy - Privacy (for developing office policies)

Policy - Treatment, Payment and Healthcare Operations

Privacy Policies Sample

Privacy GAP Analysis Tool

Privacy Checklist

Situations That Do & Do Not Require Authorization

Typical Business Associates List

Security Policies

Policy - Security

Security GAP Analysis Tool

Security Policy Matrix

Transaction Policies

EDI Transaction GAP Tool

Use & Disclosure

Complaint Form

Determining Who Can Use PHI

Notice of Privacy Practices Sample

Patient Authorization Form

Patient Complaint Form

Patient Denial of Amendment Form

PHI Disclosure Tracking Log

Policy Implementation Guide- Accounting of Disclosures

Policy Implementation Guide - Business Associates

Policy Implementation Guide - Accounting of Disclosures

Policy Implementation Guide - Amendments

Policy Implementation Guide - Authorizations

Policy Implementation Guide - Complaints

Policy Implementation Guide - Inspect Medical Records

Policy Implementation Guide - Minimum Necessary

Policy Implementation Guide - Notice of Privacy Practices

Policy Implementation Guide - Restrictions

Developing Actual Policies

    Notice of Privacy Practices

    Authorization and Use    

    Minimum Necessary

    Complaints Related to PHI

    Distribution of NPP

    Minimum Necessary Use and Disclosure

    Right to Confidential Information

    Right to Inspect Records

    Right to Request Amendments

    Right to Restrict PHI Use

    Alternative Confidential Communications

Request for Alternative Confidential Communications

Request for Corrections of PHI

Request to Inspect and Copy PHI

Request Accounting of Disclosures

Situations that Do and Do Not Require Authorizations

Decision Tree (Release PHI or not?)


Access and Confidentiality Agreement - Students Employees and Volunteers

Computer and Info Usage Agreement - Physician

Computer and Info Usage Agreement- Students Employees and Volunteers

Computer and Info Usage Physicians

Contract Employees

Develop Job Descriptions Regarding PHI

Employee Usage Agreement Definitions

Master PHI Access List

Physician Usage Agreement Definitions

Policy - Implementation of Sanctions

Staff Training and Documentation Requirements

Training Documentation Form

Transcription Policy

Vendor Confidentiality Statement Access to Information Systems

Vendor Data Security and Confidentiality Agreement

Whistleblower Regulation

Workforce Confidentiality Agreement

Workforce Exit Interview


Available in download only.
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